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Electric Cabaret at Fringe World: In Glorious Photography!

Fringe World is over.

I programmed & co-produced five theatres across two venues, produced five shows, hosted my Late Night Galas and somehow squeezed in three intense weeks of ELECTRIC CABARET.

Fun. So much satisfaction. So much thankyou to Perth. But now, a bit of rest.

My technician at Noodle Palace, Thea, took these photos, so if you weren’t there you can’ bask in the glory of the shows.

"This cinema is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…"

Too angry to be caught on film during NO REACTION.

Shadowplay during I FEEL DIRTY.

Somehow not dying during CUDDLE.

Talking an audience through their roles and responsibilities.

Something exciting coming very soon for Perth audiences. Something new.

X-Press Cover!

I’m on the cover of Perth street press X-Press Magazine tomorrow! This is some wanted-to-do-this-since-I-was-12 shit right here!

Self Indulgent End Of Year List

At Fringe World 2013. Photo by Shaun Ferraloro.

Apologies, subscribees; I know actual blogs have been a little sparse in my part of the internet. And for the first time in years, I haven’t done any music writing for The Drum Media/The Music either; partially because I was starting to find listening to music was a bit of a chore, but also because the time I had for that kind of stuff has been taken up with cool stuff (see below). It’s a nice, self indulgent end of year habit though. So here’s my 2013, not that I expect you to give a shit:


I started out this year manically pulling together the first version of Noodle Palace, the Fringe World venue I run in Perth with my pals JumpClimb. I had a sold out run in Perth of An Audience With Tomás Ford and weird but enjoyable runs in Adelaide and Brisbane, before I hid away to finish work on my current show Electric Cabaret. I took that to Edinburgh for the second year running, and had some of the best shows of my life. Back in Perth, I set up my own production company (more on that soon!), and spent a good few months making next years’ Noodle Palace even better, not to mention co-creating Midlandia. Somewhere in there I collaborated with a harp player for two amazing shows in November. 2014 is looking ridiculous by the way. RIDICULOUS.


I listened to a stupid amount of music this year, it was near impossible to make this list. So many good records just missed out, and I haven’t included all the older records I got into this year. Anyway, here’s my countdown of rad new music that I think you should go listen to NOW.


Having this CD in the car is like carrying around a reminder that life is awesome and there’s no reason to be unhappy. It’s like having a child born in front of your eyes who surprises you by letting off party poppers. It’s like being a kid and eating too much fairy bread. It’s like being a 70 year old woman busting out dance moves at traffic lights. I’m trying to say that this record makes anyone within a 4km radius of it being played feel feel super-happy. A polished, kinda weird, totally awesome excellent party album from Perth’s partiest band.


It’s been really interesting to watch PVT evolve from their post-rock beginnings into some kind of IDM-rock synthpop machine. I’ve really liked all of their records, but this one hit the nail on the head. Plenty to like on this record, but Nightfall is one of the best singles of this year and definitely the best badass night-time driving music I heard this year.


This record hadn’t even hit my radar until I spotted it on a few other end of year lists. I took it on a holiday and listened to it on the beach, in the plane, in the bath, in the car, in almost every conceivable context. I think this record will be keeping me sane for months to come; it’s ridiculously chilled out but underground enough that I won’t hate it in six months time.


I’m so fucking sick of this record I can’t believe it’s crept in here. But the weekend it came out, it was all I had on a burnt CD in a hire car, driving around Brisbane doing a run in a warehouse near the airport. It was fun but ultimately not my most successful run. “Doing It Right” made for a good psyche-up song to hum along to on the long drive, getting lost around town. I might never need to hear this album ever again now that everyone has played it to death, but for a good couple of months, I loved this thing.


Slow motion, mind-game playing spooky-ass hiphop. I did a photo shoot with my regular collaborator Shaun Ferralorro where we played this in the background and it spooked me out perfectly. The beats are really sparse and Katz’s rap-talking is provocative, bleak and doesn’t sound like much else. 


I’ve spent a lot of time on my weekends this year DJ’ing in the kinds of bars I probably would never usually go to, playing house music. I learned a lot about structure that I’ve applied to my own work, and really got into DJ’ing minimal-influenced house music. I’d written most of this kind of stuff off as wallpaper; neither the intelligence of minimal or the super-party times of house music, but I’ve grown to really appreciate how it balances both of those things. This record is full of great stuff; the Maxxi Soundsystem remix of Lose Yourself To Jenny is one of my favourite things to jump around to at the moment.


Kanye, stop stealing my ideas and adding your stupid lyrics to them. I’ve argued endlessly with my wife about this record this year. Every song on it gets me ridiculously amped.


This is exactly the kind of psychadelic-inspired bullshit-rock I usually can’t get into – and believe me, being from Perth, I’ve tried pretty hard on that front. I had a CD of this in my car during Fringe World early in the year and it became my “happy place” record. There’s nothing in here lyrically, musically or production-wise that I can ever see myself drawing on; there’s not a lot of records that I like in that way. Every time I hear it, my body relaxes. Even if it was a shit album, it would be a fantastic relaxation aid.


I rather like Goldfrapp, but for quite a while, I was completely sure this album was boring as fuck. I’d have it on in the background while I’d be doing work, feeling vaguely disappointed that it wasn’t as weird as some of the other Goldfrapp records. I don’t know why I persisted with it, but it slowly revealed itself as being full of amazing narrative songs. Alison Goldfrapp sings the absolute shit out of everything and there are some very clever production touches. I think it got written off a bit in the press, but I think that’s because it’s such a grower. I recommend this record to absolutely everybody ever.


This record is pure sex. It blew everything else out of the water for me this year; I kept coming back to it to bathe in its’ debauched rhythms and non-stop killer songs. It helps that Abbe is one of my hometown’s greatest musical exports; it’s pretty inspiring to see a pal pull off one of the biggest stylistic flips of any Australian artist in memory. Even outside of that thought process though, this record just makes me want to sex everything.

Listen/watch these now as a YouTube Playlist
1.Nourishment – Mathas
2.Cool Song No. 2 - MGMT
3. Entertainment – Phoenix
4. Bad Dancer – Yoko Ono
5. Phantasy - Kucka
6. Born In The ’90s – Timothy Nelson & The Infidels
7. Jubilee Street – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
8. Tasty – Drapht & Ta-Ku
9. In The Crew Of Tea-Time – Sebastien Tellier
10. $ BROKE $ - Ze!
11. Y.A.L.A. - M.I.A.
12. Sirens Of Your Toxic Spirit – Of Montreal
13. Should Be Higher – Depeche Mode
14. Hellifornia – Gestaffelstein
15. Jacqueline – Geoffrey O’Connor
16. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus
17. The New Cocksucker Blues – Snog
18. Copy Of A – Nine Inch Nails
19. Slummin’ It For The Weekend – Karl Hyde
20. You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’ – Sons Of Rico

Sydney! Finally!

I’ve just been announced to play FACT Weekender in Sydney in early February. My last trip to NSW with Simo Soo was a riot, and this one is lining up to be completely mad. It’s a huge dance festival on Cockatoo Island in the middle of the harbour, and I’ll be bringing my show Electric Cabaret along with a crate full of bullshit awful dance music for a Crap Music Rave Party silent disco set. There’s a huge lineup of DJ’s including Adam Freeland, Sonny Fodera and Coyu, plus overnight camping and ludicrous dress-up themes on the Sunday… it’s going to be a messy, messy time. You should come.

Full info, lineup and tickets are at

Perth, Your November Is Mine.


I’ve already warned you about my show on the 2nd at Rainbow Nation, the Perth Pride Parade’s afterparty. At that one I get to play alongside the stars of my song Control, Sneaky Sound System, plus Sarah Mcleod (Superjesus-turned-cabaret-lady), Axe Girl, Bastian’s Happy Flight, Sun City, a pack of other locals and famous guy-turned-DJ Didier Cohen. 

And so, of course, I’ll be rocking a set with a mthrfkn HARP PLAYER. In this instance, the smashing Michelle Smith, who you might know from her hit fringe show Classical VS Jazz: The Ultimate Harp Battle. If you don’t know her, she is one of these two charming folk:

AND, I am now very excited to announce I’ll be playing the FREE WAM Festival Saturday Spectacular on Saturday November 9 at the Urban Orchard Stage, with a special greatest hits set, drawn largely from my award-smashing but retired An Audience With Tomás Ford show. You’ll want to be at my stage for 9:20-10pm; it’s the one out the side of the Art Gallery Of WA, overlooking the Perth train station. The lineup for this thing is a monster, it takes over Northbridge completely and includes…

44th Sunset, Adam Trainer (DJ set), Adem K, Amanda Merdzan, Andrew Winton, Antelope, Anton Franc, Apache, Autopilot, Axe Girl, Bastian’s Happy Flight, Boom! Bap! Pow!, China Doll, Chris Wheeldon (DJ set), Clint Bracknell, Codie Sundstrom, Coin Banks, Craig McElhinney, Daramad, David Craft & Friends, Dead Owls, Dianas, Diger Rokwell, Dux n Downtown, Ekko & Sidetrack, Elk Bell, Emperors, ENAV, Ensemble Formidable, Everyteen, FAIM, Family Shoveller Band, Flighflow, Flower Drums, FOAM, Gilded, Grace Barbe, Graphic Fiction Heroes, Husband, Jack Doepel (DJ set), Jake & The Cowboys, Jordan McRobbie, Kill Teen Angst, Kit Pop vs Zeke, Kucka, Leeches, Lilt, Lo & Behold, Man The Clouds, Masonik, Mezzanine, Minute 36, MmHmmm, Mt. Mountain, Naik, Natasha Shanks, Our Man In Berlin, Oz Island, Patient Little Sister, Pimps Of Sound, Puck, Pumba, Rabbit Island, Race To Your Face, Rachel Gorman, Red Engine Caves, Rok Riley, Ruby Boots, Sable, Sam Perry, Sarah Pellicano, Scalphunter, Shimmergloom, Sid Pattni, Simone & Girlfunkle, Simon Kelly & The Big Bamboo, Sludge Bucket, Smrts, Sons Of Rico, Stoney Joe, Sugar Army, Sugarpuss, The Amani Consort, The Brow Horn Orchestra, The Coalminers Sect, The Community Chest, The Disappointed, The Flying Embers, The Ghost Hotel, The Justin Walshe Folk Machine, The Weapon Is Sound, Tired Lion, Tomas Ford, Tracey Barnett, Trigger Jackets, True Science, Usurper Of Modern Medicine, Valdaway, Vida Cain, Wisdom 2th and Ylem & Dease.

…it’s hard to have a hard time with that bill, but if you’re just going to see a few bands, I recommend Kucka, Ylem & Dease, FAIM, Dianas, Diger Rokwell, Anton Franc, 44th Sunset,  Usurper Of Modern Medicine, Sons Of Rico, Sam Perry, Minute 36, MmHmm, Bastian’s, Brow Horn… actually, don’t listen to me, I’m picking out local favorites as I spot them on the list but they are all great. Just walk around. The lineup is amazing and comprehensive to the point that I insist you walk around all day and give yourself a Perth music education before I destroy your brain at 9:20.

I’ve got some massive announcements to come over the next few months, but these will likely be my last shows for the year, so come party with me.

My birthday occurs directly inbetween these two shows. Just saying.

I’m Playing Pride!

Rather excited to announce I am on the bill for this years’ huge Pride celebration in Perth. I’ll be playing a special “croon” set.

…and yes, I know, I owe you an Edinburgh blog. It’s coming. I’m in the depths of programming my Noodle Palace venue and another very exciting secret project at the moment, and once they’re done, you’ll have yr bog.

Whenever I’ve been able to find a spare second, I’ve been working on my next show. I’ve had the songs building up for about five years now; arranging them is a lot of fun, especially as I’m exploring some very new territory. I can’t show you anything until it’s finished, but expect a bit of a left turn from what I’ve been doing up until now.

Edinburgh 2014 Blog #1: The Kajillion Shows

I’m fresh back from Edinburgh Fringe as of a week and a half ago. It was an amazing trip – splendid reviews, a thousand great shows, multiple only-at-the-fringe adventures and some of my all-time favorite audience reactions.

I thought I’d better document all the great shows I saw while I was over there. I’ve already tweeted about most of these, but I wanted to write slightly more involved notes about them so I can remember them – last years’ blogs for (part one, click through to the other three parts from the end of the article) helped me to remember a few things that otherwise would’ve fallen through the cracks about my first year.


Abigoliah Schamaun: Subtle 
Abigoliah has become a dear friend of mine over the last year, across multiple festivals. After I got to play stylist for an afternoon, helping Abigoliah find a cartoon bad-girl look, I was pretty excited to see her new show. This show saw her perfect her double fisted attack of shock comedy and freak-out sideshow tricks. It’s a great combo – the audience are on a comedy thrill ride from the start of the show and the tricks give it enough variety that it never feels one dimensional. It was one of those great shows where you get to see a friend really find their feet as a performer. Great, except that on closing night she had your annoyingly trypanophobic writer pull a needle through her hand and said writer nearly passed out but still did it.

Abigoliah: if you are reading this, KNOW THAT I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE.

Cameryn Moore: Phone Whore
I almost left this show; I’m glad I didn’t. Cameryn is a phone sex worker and theatre performer - this show sees her re-enact four of her calls, which increase in intensity from fairly vanilla to fucked up enough that I felt like I might need to leave the theatre, which as you can imagine is something I’ve never previously done out of an intensity overload. She frames the subject matter so perfectly though, following the show with a Q&A that proves just as engaging as the show itself. This show really challenged me and I came out feeling richer for it. I’m hoping to help get this show to Australia, so keep an eye out for it if you’re around the Australian Fringes next year.

Léonie Kate - Bright Lights
My housemate Léonie’s solo show was beautifully written and performed. A semi-autobiographical story of receptionist’s music industry misadventure, it featured Léonie creating vocal loop backing tracks using an ingenious telephone-turned-midi controller prop as part of her reception desk set. Over these tracks, she’d sing in a voice that puts me in mind of how Kylie Minogue wishes she could sound on her ballads; with a spectacularly clear, controlled, heady lilt. Léonie says she might do a cabaret show next year and I think she’ll be really dangerous in that world.


Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra


Ivy Paige: Head Mistress
On before me in my venue, this was a charming mix of burlesque and cabaret. Ivy’s pianist, Pete Saunders, has some serious chops – he was in the Geno-era incarnation of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and has played with Rodriguez, not that you’d know it by the way he underplays his hand. The show itself is a lot of fun, very well pitched at just-the-right-amount-of-saucy for couples on a night out.

Alexis Dubus: Cars And Girls
Alexis is much better known as a character comic under another name, but this show features him telling the story of himself and his girlfriend travelling around the world, as set to rhyming verse. It sounds like it could be horrifically twee when I put it like that, but it was actually really nice - the stories of hitch-hiking and Burning Man misadventure enriched by lashings of wit and tight writing. I may actually like this even better than his other show.

Eric’s Tales Of The Sea
I met Eric during a series of late night pancake-consumption parties at the Tuxedo Cat in Adelaide in 2011. He seemed charming but his show didn’t sound like my kind of thing. I was really happy to be proved wrong, with this show proving to be a really engaging buddy comedy with engrossing stories of submarine misadventure inbetween. I like suprises.

Instant Order
I was a guest at this long-form impro show for closing night, which was a lot of fun. Three improvisers play suspects in a killing and one plays a victim. With a cast of great Melbourne improvisers, it was a lot of fun both as an audience member and player – I got to spend an hour as a Tina Turner obsessed construction worker with a pile of dark secrets, which was a treat. Nice to know my impro muscles still work.

Beth Vyse: Going Dark
A more tightly honed version of one of my favourites from last year,
No Turn Unstoned. Vyse had the perfect venue for her trippy absurdist multimedia freakout in a b-movie cinema at the back of a pub. Vyse plays a variety of hilariously rendered archetypes, in between video clips that I can only really compare to Tim & Eric, Awesome Show Great Job! I’d love to see this show in a late slot though; I think it would benefit from a drunken audience.

Die Roten Punkte: Kunst Rock
This Germanic duo’s Perth Festival show a few years ago was one of the things that inspired me to get back into Fringe festival shows after years of DIY music gigs. If you haven’t seen them, they play a brother and sister two person garage band, like a bickering, hilarious, Berliner version of the White Stripes. I hadn’t seen a lot of this material and it was great to see them in the intimate Bosco tent; they’re still one of the most reliably hilarious acts around.

Lady Rizo
Watching this show was an interesting experience. A lot of the impulses behind what Lady Rizo does as a performer seem to come from a similarly subversive and connection-craving place as what I do, but she comes at cabaret from the inside. I felt cemented in my perspective of coming to cabaret from the outside while watching it. There’s a lot of choices she makes about standards, arrangements and in her songwriting that run completely counter to my approach; a lot of it seems to me to be about subverting with cabaret traditions while enacting them, where for the most part, I like to reference them but have no real interest in working within the constraints of the genre. I’m an enormous fan of what she does, and it made me think about where I want to head with my own work.

Dusty Limits: Psycho
Mr. Limits and his piano man once again proved themselves to be absolutely consummate showmen and songwriters. Again, I find myself learning a lot from watching their shows about how to make an amazing “cabaret” show – but also in seeing a few cabaret ideas played out in front of me that aren’t so much in line with my way of thinking about performance. With that said, they are truly hitting their peak; there was even less to fault about this show than last year. Brilliantly dark and Dusty’s vocal prowess is becoming the gold standard I compare my own voice to.


Desperately Seeking The Exit

I love this show. I first saw it in Adelaide, as my friend Amy Abler insisted Pete (the shows’ creator, pictured with me at his Critical Tomato Toss promo stunt) and I were on a similar wavelegnth. She was completely right. Being about Pete’s flop musical Desperately Seeking The Exit, it is not only is it one of the ballsiest shows around but is a funny peek behind the scenes of part of the performing world I don’t have any real experience of. 


Amy Abler: Pianodivalicious
Speaking of Amy Abler, this is a fabulous woman. Amy is a cruise ship pianist who slums it at Fringe festivals; her show is at the polar opposite end of the Cabaret spectrum from mine. She tells stories from her life over trad cabaret piano tunes, and it’s a genuinely great example of how good traditional cabaret can be. We’ve shared quite a few fringe adventures (and venues, including Noodle Palace) together now and have become really tight friends, revelling in how opposite our shows are. This year, she scored the exact right venue for her show in the Jazz Bar, and the perfect afternoon timeslot for her audience. As a result, she sold out her run and was on super-amazing form.

Lisa Skye: Ladyboner
I went into this show not really knowing what to expect and was led into a hilarious narrative cabaret about sexual pleasure by an idiosyncratic, fluorescent Melbourne goth. One of the more hilarious and engaging shows of the fringe, by the time she’d got to the end of her first metronome-accompanied spot of comic beat poetry I was charmed into submission. Lisa is definately coming to Perth to play a new show at my Noodle Palace space in 2014, so if you’re from my hometown, lock her name away in your mind now.

East End Cabaret: Dirty Talk
It’s impossible not to enjoy an East End Cabaret show. They have their saucy audience work down to a fine art (I don’t offer compliments on that front to everyone, either), and I love the way the relationship between the two characters evolves to new heights of creepiness each time I see them. Their house music was off the hook this year – they’ve just uploaded it to Soundcloud so have a listen.

Mellor & Steele - Anthropoetry / Shaggy Doggerel
Ben Mellor and Dan Steele were my housemates this time around, so checking out their show was almost compulsory, but I was really happy to find their show Anthropoetry in the best shape of its’ life (I’ve seen it in Adelaide and at my Noodle Palace venue in Perth) and to find their new work Shaggy Doggerel taking their spoken word vs music shtick to truly hallucinatory, Coleridge-ey new places. It’s a pretty bold step away into wierdtown for them and I’m hoping to work with them on some video work for it.

Neal Portenza’s Interactive Goat Hour
I’d say there’s a large amount of clowning in what I do, and Neal is probably my favorite Australian practitioner of that kind of idiocy. This show took the loose form of an interactive quiz; inevitably it all fell apart, allowing Mr. Portenza ample room to create total anarchy, in between manipulating Toto’s Africa into a new Ghanaian national anthem. I was sore from laughing at this.

David Mills: The Gospel Truth 
David Mills trades in smooth talking, camp and bitchy standup. I saw his show twice last year and this one was even better; he is one of the most disarming banterers I have ever seen and in this show, he puts those skills to good use in taking the audience to some very dark places without them even noticing. 

John Robertson: The Dark Room
My Perth-pal John reprised his free fringe hit The Dark Room in a paid venue this year and it was fantastic. The show is based on his eternally frustrating YouTube game (which you can play here), a parody of early 80’s text-based adventure games. Last years’ show was a lot of fun but this year the show felt a lot better built; the game has become a skeleton that he can hang his distinctively hyperactive brand of crazy onto. It deservedly sold like hotcakes. 

Jon Bennett: My Dad’s Deaths
The second in Jon’s series of storytelling shows about his family, this one is a pretty charming account of a strange, arty son trying to relate to a rural farmer type Dad. He has a way of fucking with audience members’ emotions and then pulling the rug out from under the things they thought they were sad about. He does it particularly well in this show, to the point that he nearly made me cry before I realized HE IS A FILTHY LYING MOTHERFUCKER. Still, this is a great show.

Stuart Bowden: She Was Probably Not A Robot
A hyper-dark I Am Legend-style apocalypse story as told by a beautifully naïve and unselfconscious character, using all kinds of weird props. I can’t really describe this show in a way that does it justice, but imagine a grown beardy-man running around a crowd with an air mattress strapped to his back, tales of bloody heads mounted on sticks, oddly paired with a Juno level of adorability. I told you I couldn’t describe it. This one is just starting to tour, watch out for it.

The Bedroom Confabulators
This was amazing. In the attic of the apartment I shared with my Edinburgh posse, Stuart Bowden and Wil Greenaway told a series of interconnected, dark as fuck stories in the most adorable way possible. It’s similar to the vibe of Stuart’s solo show - this time involving lego and all kinds of kids’ toys as props. I don’t want to share too much here because it’s something you really have to experience for yourself. We were talking about this show for the rest of the festival.


Eccentronic: Neurovision
Out on their own bizarre wavelegnth of electronica vs music hall, there’s something particularly Fringe-tastic about Eccentronic. This year’s show saw them bust through a run of songs parodying Eurovision. I feel a bit of a kinship with these guys, I love what they do and they’re great value to hang out with. This was another show that felt like it could’ve been better off in a late show slot, but their brain-frying beats are welcome at any time of day. 

Sugar And Vice: All The Men We’ve Never Slept With
After sharing a house and timeslot with these guys last year, it was a thrill to get to see this show this time around. Salacious tales of sexual conquest, capped off with one of the best songs of the fringe, about Tinkerbell & Peter Pan’s relationship from her perspective. I laughed my head off almost non-stop.

Adrienne Truscott Is Asking For It: A One Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy And Little Else
I’m not a fan of rape jokes, and Adrienne Truscott (Wau Wau Sisters) intense hour destroyed them from the inside. It’s not always laugh-out-loud funny but it’s one of the most effective satires I’ve seen. Send your rape joke-ey comedian friends along to this when you get sick of explaining to them why they are dickheads.

Dr Brown: Bexperiments
I’m an enormous fan of Dr. Brown; if you’re unfamiliar, he’s a transgressive, audience-baiting modern clown. I see a lot of similar creative impulses at play in his work to what I do in mine. I saw the final show of this and there was some absolute gold moments in there, including getting two blokey friends to slap each other until they started to really hurt each other. Basically the funniest thing ever. This was a development showing, I have the feeling his next show is going to be completely nuts. Good nuts.

That was about it for this year, though I’m sure I’m skipping some stuff. Usually I’d have another ten on my list but obsessing over my own show took over this time around.

I’ll be back soon with a full update on the my Fringe adventures. Suffice to say that it was fucking awesome and I can’t wait to go back in 2014.


Preview Previewed

I played a preview show of my Edinburgh set at PICA Bar tonight. Helped shake the cobwebs off what I’ve been rehearsing in my room for months without people and ironed out some tech issues. Previews are always pretty great for giving me surprises where I realize that although I’d imagined the show would go a certain way, my instinct wants to take it another way. Which are good moments to have while you still have time to edit and rehearse.

Also, this happened, as captured by Thea Dowling’s phone.

I am officially amped and ready to slay Edinburgh. BRING IT ON.

By popular demand, Crap Music Rave Party is back this Saturday night at PICA Bar from 8pm. Five bucks gets you all the fun you can have.

By popular demand, Crap Music Rave Party is back this Saturday night at PICA Bar from 8pm. Five bucks gets you all the fun you can have.

Crap Music! Crap Music! Crap Music!

Tonight is the second of my Crap Music Rave Parties at PICA Bar. Last weeks’ guests Aaron McCann and John Robertson (The Dark Room) were a blast. This week we’ve got Odette Mercy, Rachael Dease and Timothy Nelson all up in our shit with bad requests. Plus your bad requests. Plus partying that LOOKS LIKE THIS (with thanks to photographer and venue booker Stefan Caramia):image

John Robertson and I, dropping wrestlers’ rap tunes.




Slave 2 Tha Music.


This must have been during the part of the night where I managed FOUR rave-tunes-with-banjo-in-them in a row.


Responding to the requests of the hungry, cheese-chasing hoardes.

Come join the party, from 8pm TOOONIGHT! (And next week. And the week after.)