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I’m Hosting The WAMi’s!!

I’m really excited to announce I’ll be hosting the WA Music Awards on November 7. Expect some kind of anarchy. I have grand plans for this. Grand plans. 

Tickets are also available for the Melbourne run of The Final Chase from November 19-23 at legendary den of cabaret debauchery The Butterfly Club! Book now at Speaking of which, I’m working on a hyper-ambitious idea on how to present this spy thriller to you in recorded form. It might take a while, and I can’t tell you much yet, but it I can pull it off the way I want to… 

The Hugeness Of Edinburgh Fringe

I had a great run at Edinburgh Fringe - if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen these images and have heard all the stories. Multiple meltdowns, sold out shows and great adventures abounded. Not to mention a kickass four star review in festival authority The Scotsman! 

A huge thanks to everyone who supported the crowdfunding campaign. I’m in the process of recording the covers EP and fulfilling the rewards. Megadonor Mel, who took out the “Come with me to Edinburgh” package, was over in Scotland for the opening weekend and we had a blast together.

Here’s some photos by Grey Kat Designs from the closing weekend of Tomás Ford Stop Killing People:

While Stop Killing People was a cult hit on its’ own, Crap Music Rave Party went totally bananas. We sold out that room in presales each night, and then sold a bunch more tickets on the door every night as the crowd would change over the four hours of the show. Can’t wait to take this back next year, and my next show, both of which are going to be stupid amounts of fun. Here’s a pic of me losing my mind while playing records. It’s taken by my mum, Liz Ford, who ended up being my doorperson for the run and a pretty huge part of the show as she’d keep everyone sane - 100 people in this room (the same room in the pics above) would get SWEATY. 

I’m touring all of my shows over the next year, including Stop Killing PeopleCrap Music Rave Party and Electric Cabaret, so if you haven’t seen me for a while, you’ll see me soon. 

Crap Music Rave Party! July 19!

Back by popular demand, cabaret party monster Tomás Ford’s all night request fest returns. Request anything you want, so long as it’s crap.

We’re talking cheap commercial pop, dated dance music, unmoshable nu-metal, trashy disco and pretty much anything else that involves a fist-pump.

Sold out at Adelaide Fringe and in Perth, join the party before it heads to Edinburgh Fringe for four wild weekends. Scrawl your requests on the butchers’ paper at the front of the stage, or post them on the party facebook or Twitter. 

With special guest, badass MC Ayden Doherty.

Expect: Dannii Minogue, ELO, Peter Andre, Daryl Braithwaite, Coolio, Kiss, Victoria Beckham, Psy, MC Hammer, Peter Combe, Peter Andre, S Club 7, 2 Chainz, Visage, Big Audio Dynamite, Human Nature, your hands in the air, DIY disco lighting, your mum’s favourite jamz, high fives for everybody.



In The West Australian

Perth people may have seen this in today’s The West Australian. It’s a great piece comparing my creative history with my mother Liz’s in advance of The Final Chase opening this week.

If you’ve followed the link in the article here looking to book tickets to the show (running wed-sat from June 25 - July 5), they can be booked now at .

In Which I Finally Gets To Tell You About The New Show!

My new show is onsale! Tickets for the Rockingham, Western Australia season are at Ticketbooth! Buuuy them! If you want to see it in Edinburgh, hit

Here’s the media release for the show for your delight and anticipation…


Deep in the South East Asian jungle, international assassin and award winning electronic cabaret showman Tomás Ford is about to set out on his final chase. Be seduced into a world of dark alleys, deadly seductresses and international intrigue through a combination of cabaret, live beats and video projections.

The Perth-based performer premieres his new show The Final Chase at the new Rockingham Arts Centre, as a culmination of his time as the City of Rockingham’s first artist in residence. It marks a homecoming for the performer, who grew up in the area. His first show of all new songs in eight years sees him sliding into a smoky croon and more atmospheric sound.

This is a joint residency with clothing designer (and Tomás’ mother) Liz Ford, whose exhibition of garment detailing Embellishment Is Not A Crime is open for viewing before performances, in addition to during gallery hours from 10am-3pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

Following the show’s Rockingham debut, it will tour to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. The show runs from June 25 - July 5 at 8pm at Rockingham Arts Centre on Kent St in Rockingham. Tickets available now from

Tomás Ford: The Final Chase
8pm, June 25 - 28, July 2-5
Rockingham Arts Centre
11 Kent Street, Rockingham


Big Night In In Rockingham

I have just moved into Rockingham Arts Centre, where myself and my mother, fashionista Liz Ford are the joint first Artists In Residence. Tonight we kicked off the residency with a filming session with my regular collabofilmer John Aliaga, assistant Jaymie Mykaela (who took these shots) and dazzling siren of burlesque Zoe Gypsy. As you can see from the above, we got some pretty striking moments on tape.

This is me directing Zoe to bring “sultry realness” to the shots. I am potentially the most vague director of all time, I seem to give directions in small fragments of bad poetry. In socks. But it worked!

Tomás Ford’s Grand English & Irish Adventure


This image, a taken in the dressing room of Brighton’s theatre pub, The Marlborough, pretty much sums up my feelings about the tour of England & Ireland I’ve just partied my way through.

On the way over, I set up a film shoot with Malaysian pop princess Ze! ( ). It was fun to pretend I knew what I was doing for a couple of hours, and we ended up with exactly the footage I’d hoped for. After a night out at a Malaysian open mic comedy gig (One Mic Stand - look it up if you’re ever in KL), the next day I went everywhere in Singapore (well, everywhere cool - their Chinatown district is amazing) and shot a whole pile of location footage. You’ll be able to see some of this in my new show, either titled The Final Chase or Tomás Ford Stop Killing People depending on where you’re seeing it.

I then spent the next fortnight constantly on the move between London, Dublin and Brighton, in what must be a new world record for Most Annoying Travel Plans, but which saw me to perform shows most nights I was away.

My London debut at an 80’s themed cabaret at the Bethnal Green Working Mens’ Club went down pretty well, with a custom-made cover of Kim Wilde’s Cambodia going down well, somewhat making up having to abandon my cover of The Power And the Passion when it was met by blank, unrecognising faces at the tech rehearsal - the UK didn’t really get into Midnight Oil. Luckily this meant I had an excuse to bust out one of my own songs afterwards and since my excessive use of digital reverbs makes everything I do sound like 1983 anyway, it fit perfectly. In any case, you can see it for yourself:

Film by Shaun Mooney

I’d also been rather looking forward to playing London institution The Double R Club for a long time; it’s a David Lynch themed cabaret, and is full of fucking amazing, on-the-edge-of-what-this-stuff-can-do kind of stuff. So it was quite enjoyable to completely blow the roof off the joint, even if I do say so myself.


My full Electric Cabaret shows were all great nights. Dublin was a tiny audience who were unprecedentedly terrified of me during opening number Nice but who were well and truly along for the ride by the end. Nothing quite as satisfying as that. I learned a lot about how to do shows in Ireland, and loved the joint (and the chance to hang out with my truly excellent pub-owning cousin, not to mention Ben Watson from Perth’s Project Mayhem taking time out of his epic busking tour of the UK to hang out) so much I’m plotting my grand return already.

My London show (again at Bethnal Green WMC) elicited two encores, which was humbling, and Brighton Fringe was all kinds of fun. I did two nights there; the first had a slightly terrified audience (who revealed themselves at the end to have been wildly enjoying themselves the whole time), and the second was so playful and along for the ride that I am still grinning madly about it a week later. Brighton also featured the outdoor Fringe City stage. Street shows are tough, but I love doing them at Fringe festivals, you can get away with quite a lot while working up attention from a really broad audience.

Here’s a pic - the grey slate was very slippery on my new shoes; at my first Fringe City gig, I managed to fall over before I’d sung a note. At the second, I accidentally hit play on a track which has a schtick where I cover myself in water without bringing a change of clothes. At 1pm, when I was MC’ing the stage until til 6. Luckily Brighton has menswear GALORE.

imageImage from Brighton Fringe’s Fringe City by Dade Freeman

I finished the run with a guest spot at piano man Pete Saunders’ (Perth folks will know him from his show Blues And Burlesque at Fringe World) residency at The Cellar Door, which was fun but proved a bit of a technical challenge in front of a quiet sunday night crowd; after a couple of wonky computer moments it turned around with a decent couple of tunes. It’s funny; touring for me means usually playing to big audiences one night and then fuck all the next, and you’d be surprised how many times the final show of a run has been a bit of a misfire. Still, it felt good and a grand low-pressure excuse to consume whiskey and celebrate such a magic run.

Thanks to all the venues, producers, Fringe & rock ‘n’ roll friends, spectacular cousins, people who put me up and audience/victim-folk. 

Now I’m back in my studio, putting the final pre-rehearsal touches on my new show (tickets go on sale this week!). 2014, you can stay.


Image from The Double R Club by Juliet Shalam

London Frolicks

I’ve been having a lot of fun in England this week, after spending a couple of days filming in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur on the way here. London has been very kind to me, and I think I’ve found my new favorite room to play in the Bethnal Green Working Mens’ Club. Here’s some footage of me singing Kim Wilde’s Cambodia at an 80’s themed charity show on Thursday…

I’m off to Dublin (Wednesday night at Mill Theatre Dundrum!) and Brighton Fringe (The Marlborough Hotel, which is another brilliant room for my show) this week, plus a couple of spots in London, so if you’re in those places, keep an eye out on my social media for updates.

Kuala Lumpur Madness

I’m on my way to England & Ireland for my tour. I’m in Kuala Lumpur and have caught up with the amazing Ze! for a film shoot for my new show. I then had my first go at attempting to eat a serve of banana leaf rice (IMPOSSIBLE, TOO MUCH FOOD) and spent tonight hanging out at PJ Live Arts (hosts of a couple of shows I produced tours for earlier this year, Chris Turner & Anatomy Of The Piano) watching Malaysian open-mic comedy. 

Tomorrow, Singapore. Then, onward to conquer England & Ireland!

Meanwhile, here’s Ze’s latest, currently up for a Berlin Music Video Award:

…and our last collaboration together from 2011, Til Death Do Us Part. 

(available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Play, the “Music” tab of this site etc etc)

Dublin! London! Brighton!

I’m about to head off on a pretty splendid tour for Electric Cabaret, taking in shows in England and Ireland. I’ve been waiting for the right chance to take my show to these cities for quite a while, so THIS IS EXCITING. I’m really throwing myself at the UK this year; I’ll be back with my new show for Edinburgh in August and hopefully in other cities not too long after that.

BUT, if you’re in Dublin, London or Brighton (or can get there), you’re in luck! Here’s the tour info for you. Come and party with me.

Free entry! To the night of your dreeeeeams!

(Charity event. All funds go to SANE UK.)

Book tickets:

Starts 10:15pm. 
Book tickets:ás-ford-s-electric-cabaret

Big thanks to everyone who came to CRAP MUSIC RAVE PARTY in Perth over the Easter weekend. It was huge! And its’ hugeness has made this tour much less of a financial freakout. I’mma keep this in my wallet to bring out next time someone asks me why I live in Perth. And then I’ll hit them with it.